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Our Mission is to provide economic and educational assistance to both at-risk children and young adults within the West African Region.

December 09, 2007
Buduburam Liberian Refugee Camp:

On Monday (Dec. 3rd) our rep in Ghana visited the Buduburam Liberian Refugee Camp in Accra. He toured schools, met with teachers, students and camp leaders. The information we gathered in this visit will help us in efforts to help the very motivated but, needy Liberian youth of the camp. Many of the children lack clothing & shoes, schools supplies (paper, pencils & books), food, etc. A great number of the children we will be helping lost their parents in the civil war or had to leave Liberia alone... they have very little support.

In 2008 we will be seeking sponsors to help us provide school uniforms & shoes, supplies and even try and start a school feeding program in some form.

October 30, 2007 - We count on the support of our friends to help us out! For a couple dollars we can provide a student with school supplies...and when we raise more we can also start some really serious work repairing and rebuilding some village schools!! Please check out the last project in July and photos.

We are working out some details for 2008 in Ghana right now to help 220 Liberian refugee children at a camp in Accra. Also, we will be sending some teaching materials to the village schools we have already assisted. In addition to that we are assisting a new Ghanaian charity in the North (Tamale Area) to develop and host a website and expand the reach of their message!

I think even if we could get our friends to donate $1 each we could raise some serious money and it would be huge for WAF!


**And remember that with the tax season coming up - donations are tax deductable! **

* 330 Children Helped In 2 Schools!! *

July 17, 2007 - World Action Foundation presented students at 2 schools in Ghana with basic school supplies such as books, paper, pens, pencils, etc. These schools were selected because of the poverty of the area and the need of the students. In both schools we provided the materials to all the children grades 1 to 6. This seems like a small thing to many in the US, Europe, etc. But, the fact is that many children for the simple lack of money to buy a pencil will not be able to attend class.

The schools helped were:

Redeemer Community Basic School
The School is in Elimina District and the village is Jwira Akyinim. 160 students were provided materials!

Antado D/A K.G, Primary/J.S.S School
170 students were provided materials!

We will continue to work with these schools in the near future to improve some conditions and to provide those students without shoes, a uniform, etc. with assistance. We will, at the same time, continue to raise funds for the construction of a village school in Mpuanu.

We will be posting many-many new photos within the next couple of weeks so please check back!

Our work is all done by volunteers & costs are kept VERY low so any donations made to WAF are used as fully to directly supply assistance as possible.

We are a 501(c)3 charity so any donations made are tax deductible.

Please consider a donation!
Thank You!!